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Is a transactional account which is designed to provide the best possible combination of banking services by understanding your business needs. Ideal for anyone who prefers transaction fees over monthly fees.

Current Account


  1. National ID for South Sudan nationals
  2. Foreigners/Expatriates - Passport with valid Visa
  3. 2 recent passport photographs
Limited Companies
  1. Certified copy of memorandum and articles of association
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. Board resolution authorizing the opening of the account
  4. Copy of National ID/Passport
  5. 2 passport size photographs
  6. 2 passport size photographs for the authorized signatories
  7. Copy of National ID/Passport of Authorized signatories
  8. Copy of Company PIN certificate


  1. Monthly maintenance fee
  2. Unlimited transactions
  3. Access to Internet and Mobile banking
  4. Access to Agency Banking
  5. Access to SMS alerts notification for all transcations
  6. No transaction fees charged
  7. Access to financial management workshops
  8. No Minimum Balance Requirement
Current Account