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About Opportunity Bank PLC
Opportunity Bank is an indigenous mid-tier bank in South Sudan with a strong focus on supporting local and international businesses across all states of our young nation.
Established in 2013, Opportunity Bank PLC has grown to become one of the top mid-tier banks in South Sudan and a leading player in the provision of treasury and transactional banking services to local and international businesses as well as development organizations.
Opportunity Bank PLC has one branch in Juba, South Sudan but is able to offer services to all major towns in South Sudan within 24 to 36 hours depending on location and security situation.
The map below illustrates our geographical footprint and state capitals and major towns where we are able to offer services:

Opportunity Bank continues to grow its presence in the local economy with the acquisition of strategic corporate and business banking clients through offering comprehensive and bespoke cash management solutions.
Our team combines its deep understanding of local market conditions and drivers to develop client-focused solutions customised to each client's unique requirements. Our innovative business model enables us to provide a comprehensive range of payments, collections and foreign currency solutions to our clients across South Sudan’s wide geography.
Our dedicated client relationship staff provide a single point of entry into our full financial services competencies.
1.1 Vision
Our vision is support economic growth in the republic and financial empowerment of the people of South Sudan.
1.2 Mission
To drive success through efficiency and quality of services in order to be a world-class financial institution that provides exceptional value and peace of mind for all our stakeholders.

1.3 Core Values
Attain Shareholders’ value through providing our shareholders with an adequate return on their investment while minimizing risks
Achieve Customer satisfaction by continuously striving to anticipate and fulfill our customers’ needs and to build lasting relationship with them.
Ensure Employee satisfaction by providing our staff with the best working environment and professional development opportunities
Strive for Integrity and Trust through conducting transactions of all our stakeholders in the strictest of confidence and with the highest ethical standards
Support Community empowerment through participation in community empowerment projects

2 Cash Management Solutions
2.1 Account structure
Opportunity Bank offers both Local currency (LCY) and Foreign currency (FCY) accounts. Foreign Currency accounts can be operated in United States Dollars (USD), Euro’s (EUR) and British Pounds (GBP).
2.2 Payments
2.2.1 Electronic Payments
We understand a critical need for our clients to transfer of funds to support and coordinate their activities in and out of the country. With well established operations, Opportunity Bank PLC has a capable team, modern and secure infrastructure to provide all our clients with stable and secure systems to address all of its treasury and transactional banking requirements locally and globally.
Out platforms provide for the following payment types:
 Internal transfer: making payments from a clients account to another accounts held at Opportunity Bank. Beneficiaries receive their money on a real time basis.
 Electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments: this mode of payment is from the client account to an account held at another local bank. Beneficiaries receive money the following day if the payment file is received by 15h00
 Cross-border transfer payments (telegraphic transfers): this payment mode is used to effect payments outside Kenya. Beneficiaries receive payments within 36-48 hours
Our systems also cater for foreign exchange payments and will provide our clients with the opportunity to apply for special rates.
2.2.1 Physical Payments (Branch and Field)
We are able to offer all form of physical cash payments at our branches.
Additionally, Opportunity Bank PLC is able to offer Wage Packeting or any for of payment in any field locations within 24-36 hours of receiving clients request.
2.3 Collection Solutions
2.3.1 Cash in Transit
Our cash-in-transit (CIT) service provides for movement of cash from our Corporate Clients Premises in Juba to our branch. The service will include counting the money at each outlet together with designated client staff and issuing a receipt. Clients therefore transfers the risk of handling cash to the bank. This will improve your efficiency and save them time as there is no need to confirm the money at the bank the following day.
Our CIT services therefore assist our clients with their cash collection needs, thus ultimately improving their cash management.
2.4 On-Site Tellers
Opportunity Bank PLC has the capability of placing our tellers at the Clients premises for collection and payment transactions. Our well trained and professional tellers will enable clients’ operations to run smoothly without the cost or hustle of handling and managing cash.
On-Site tellers are ideal for the UN and large IDG’s as well as our larger manufacturing corporate clients as for on-site salary payments of receipt of cash in a manufacturing/wholesaler environment.
Once the cash is received by our tellers the client will receive value in their accounts and risk is immediately transferred to Opportunity Bank.
Our unique set-up and experience enables us to deploy tellers faster and cheaper than any other institution, bringing convenience ever close to our clients.
2.5 Liquidity Management
2.5.1 Short-term banking facilities
To a select number of clients Opportunity Bank PLC is able to provide local currency (LCY) overdraft both in Juba and field offices. Overdraft facilities are available upon request and are subject to the bank’s internal governance processes.
2.5.2 Balances and statements
 Intra-day statements: Nominated users can receive updated statements at pre-determined intervals and in a variety of formats, compatible with most accounting systems. Formats include PDF, RTF, CSV, Tab and semi-colon delimited. Account information is real time
 Full-day statements: a full statement is available at the end of each day in a variety of formats, compatible with most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting systems. Formats include PDF, RTF, CSV, Tab and semi-colon delimited, message type MT940 statements
The above statement formats will assist our clients with reconciliations and tracking of daily transactions.

2.6 Trade finance
The ability to meet custom trade finance needs demands a committed banking partner that is knowledgeable in all aspects of trade-related financing and risk management. With our local expertise, extensive partner network across the region and internationally through stellar correspondent banking relationships we are uniquely positioned to provide financial solutions throughout the commercial and commodity-related trade value chain. We facilitate required trade transactions and flows between South Sudan and the entire world.
We offer our clients solutions around:
 Documentary credits (letters of credit both import and export)
 Guarantees, bonds and standby letters of credit
 Discounting of documentary credits and collections
 Inward and outward payments
Structured trade and commodity finance
To accommodate complex trade needs, we offer a comprehensive range of commodity and structured trade finance solutions, including:
 Import and export financing
 Pre-export financing
 Contract pre-payment
 Pre-production financing
 Stock and inventory financing
 Receivables financing and invoice discounting
 Working capital solutions

3 Treasury Solutions
Opportunity Bank offers competitive pricing for all major Foreign Currency cash sales and purchases.
We employ a dedicated local sales and market-making team to ensure we are on hand to respond to our clients with the best advice.
4 Corporate Social Responsibility
We believe in empowering the community in which we operate, and that’s why we at Opportunity Bank take initiative to sponsor activities that bring the community together.
Currently Opportunity Bank supports the South Sudan National team through the South Sudan Football Federation (SSFA).

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Tel : +423456 55