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Opportunity Bank is fully- fledged commercial bank incorporated and based in Southern Sudan. 

The Bank is privately owned by indigenous entrepreneurs and investors and its headquarters is located in the capital city of South Sudan, Juba with additional branches in Malakal and Western Bahr Ghazal regions.<p>
It’s among the commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of South Sudan, the country’s banking and financial regulator to operate commercial banking activities to both individual customers and businesses , the bank also complies with all regulatory guidelines and banking regulations stipulated by the Government agencies. </p><p>.We offer our clients wide range of financial services and solutions that suits our customers their personal and business needs. Opportunity bank is also committed to offers best services to companies, international businesses and small enterprises who run business inside the Republic of South Sudan</p><p>
.The Bank provides its customers with local and international money transfer and remittance services and foreign exchange services with best and competitive rates. We have partnered with leading international banks and money transfer providers to provide our customers fast and reliable payments solutions. Customers can receive and send money to families, friends and business partners using our services</p>



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1.1.1     Electronic Payments

We understand a critical need for our clients to transfer of funds to support and coordinate their activities in and out of the country. With well established operations, Opportunity Bank PLC has a capable team, modern and secure infrastructure to provide all our clients with stable and secure systems to address all of its treasury and transactional banking requirements locally and globally.

Out platforms provide for the following payment types:

n  Internal transfer: making payments from a clients account to another accounts held at Opportunity Bank. Beneficiaries receive their money on a real time basis.

n  Electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments: this mode of payment is from the client account to an account held at another local bank. Beneficiaries receive money the following day if the payment file is received by 15h00

n  Cross-border transfer payments (telegraphic transfers): this payment mode is used to effect payments outside Kenya. Beneficiaries receive payments within 36-48 hours

Our systems also cater for foreign exchange payments and will provide our clients with the opportunity to apply for special rates. 

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Tel : +423456 55